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I hired a professional beauty therapist to wax my lip for the same reasons why you should hire a pro

During a busy bookkeeping time, I decided to take time out for myself. I have a couple of tax seminars and appointments coming up, and want to look my best in my new corporate uniform. I headed out to the hairdresser. The last time I saw her my fringe was in a mess because I had attempted to trim it myself, and made a real mess of it. This time I left it well alone! My hairdresser noticed and thanked me! This time my hair was easier to trim up and looked better after the cut, and the cut itself cost less than the last appointment (because she didn’t have to spend extra time fixing up my boo boos!)

While sitting in the chair under the bright lights of the well- lit salon, I glanced into the mirror and noticed that the hair on my lip had grown back and really stuck out under the lighting in the salon. I shuddered as I remembered my last waxing experience. The last time I waxed my own lip, the wax was too hot. It burned a little. I had trouble pulling the wax strip off and it hurt a lot. I had run out of the after treatment cream too so my lip was red and blistered for a week. My hairdresser and I had a giggle about it, and she mentioned that maybe I should get someone else to do it for me, but sadly their beautician was away that day. I remembered that a friend of mine was a beautician and was in the middle of doing a new course and had just come back from practical training interstate. I had offered to help her sort out her laptop so she could work on her portfolio and submit her assignment online. She had given up on asking me if she could help me with the girly stuff in return! I humbled myself, picked up the phone and asked (I mean begged) for her help. We arranged a consultation.

She fitted me in straight away! I was nervous about the whole thing and told her about my nasty experience. She was patient with me, and I learned a lot during our consultation. I had used the wrong type of wax on my lip…I had used strip wax commonly used for legs which should NEVER be used on a sensitive spot such as my face. The wax was also too old (who knew that wax had an expiry date?), I had used the wrong techniques (I had layered the wax on too thick, in the wrong direction, and had pulled the strip in the wrong direction). I hadn’t used pre-treatment lotion, which meant that the wax was not able to grip on to the hair properly. I had also run out of the after-wax treatment, so the pores of my skin had been left open and the soreness and redness may have been because of an infection. No wonder my last wax experience was so awful! Because my friend has had practical work experience and training in providing beauty treatments, owns all the right equipment, and really knows her stuff, I was happy to sit back in the chair and let her wax my lip, eyebrows and legs! Guess what! It didn’t hurt! My lip is still attached to my face and is not hairy, red or sore!

The whole experience got me thinking….. Too often, people try to do things themselves without the proper training, or without the right tools and equipment for the job, or simply don’t know what they are doing and end up in a world of hurt!! If you let a professional in to do the job, you can save yourself money and heartbreak in the long run.

It also happens a lot in the bookkeeping world! So, these are the reasons why I hire a professional beauty therapist (and why you should hire a professional bookkeeper):

1: They are qualified (and hopefully know what they are doing)

My hairdresser and beauty therapist have both had to go to school/tafe to learn how to do what they do. Yep Google is great – one can look up on how to anything and everything on Google, but is the information correct and up to date? Simply researching how to do stuff online doesn’t necessarily automatically mean that you are an expert on that subject and can then apply it to your own life. I had read about lip waxing and talked to other girls at various cosmetic part plan parties about how they wax, and read instructions that came inside the box of wax that I bought years ago, but the info was “general” in nature, not in depth at all, and I still struggled to remove the hair lol! Trust me – there is a science behind it! Most of the knowledge required to provide a range of treatments can only be gained by undertaking a course at Tafe. Talking to people at cosmetic party plan parties (similar to Mary Kay) and Google just isn’t enough!

In the bookkeeping world, The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have an informative website with guides and instructions on how to do nearly anything and everything tax related. Small business owners can easily source information from the ATO to learn how to prepare their own business activity statements without any formal qualifications whatsoever. Mind you, the ATO have disclaimers saying that the information is general in nature and to seek advice from a professional before lodging anything or relying on the advice in their publications. The ATO will allow people to self- assess and lodge their own tax returns and business activity statements without obtaining formal qualifications beforehand. But, the business owner is responsible for ensuring the business transactions have been recorded correctly, and that they have complied with the ATO requirements. If audited, the ATO is unlikely to be lenient towards someone claiming ignorance, especially when the ATO advise to seek professional advice before hand! Interestingly enough, the ATO insists that professional bookkeepers and registered BAS agents have at least a Certificate III in Business and are required to continually refresh and update their knowledge by attending seminars, webinars and courses. The ATO expects us to be qualified, even though the average business owner probably isn’t. Still, just because the ATO says you can do it yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should!

2: They have the right equipment/tools for the job

When I burned my lip, on reflection I definitely did not have the right tools for the job! Yes I had wax. BUT….it was the wrong type of wax for the job! I didn’t have the special machine that beauticians use to heat the wax and keep it at the right temperature, and I didn’t have the right applicator tool. I red- necked it and used the microwave to heat the wax and used a bread and butter knife instead of a plastic or wooden applicator stick to apply the wax. The microwave caused some of the wax to bubble and boil (not supposed to do that by the way) while other parts of the wax remained cold. Because I had left the knife to sit in the boiling hot part, the blade also got hot! Clearly, I didn’t have the right stuff and know how, and definitely should have got a professional in!

Also, because I am not in the trade, it is hard for me to buy the same equipment that the professionals use because to buy them, you have to show proof that you are enrolled at a school as a student, or are already qualified and in business with a trade account. Normal consumers can still buy waxing things from chemists and supermarkets etc, but the products are not as good, and some of the tools are more expensive. It is more convenient to go to a professional – they already have the equipment I need!

Business owners…..there are lots of tools that can help you with your business. A professional bookkeeper will have access to tools, software and information that may not be available to the general public. They will be able to assess your business needs, and ensure that you get the right tools for the job. Most bookkeepers have trade accounts with software providers, so you might be able to buy some things from them cheaper, and they will ensure you get something that works well for you. Nothing more frustrating than trying to use software that is not suitable for you or your business!

3: They know the tips and tricks of the trade and use the right technique

Once again, If I had used the correct technique for ripping the wax strip off my lip, I may not have done so much damage! Technique is important!

Professional bookkeepers pick up lots of tricks and tips from their education, professional memberships, from networking with other bookkeepers or simply from drawing from experience working with other businesses just like yours every day. More often than not, using the right technique will save you time, reduce errors and possibly save you from a world of hurt!

4: To save time

Time is important. Because I don’t wax my own lip very often, I spent a lot of time reviewing blogs and instructions online, and reading the instructions that came with the old pot of wax. The preparation time took longer because I wasn’t used to doing it, so I kept checking the instructions to make sure I was doing it right. The longest part was psyching myself up to pulling the strip off my lip!

My lack of knowledge about waxing, using the wrong equipment, using the wrong technique and making too many boo boos cost me time! I had to hide out at home for a week waiting for everything to heal up! If I had used a professional service, the lip would have been hair free in less than 10 minutes, and all going well my life would have been back to normal by the next day! I had wasted hours!

I have seen business owners working in physically demanding jobs, too tired to do the paperwork when they get home. Some will let the paperwork pile up and get stressed while others try to do the paperwork but make a lot of mistakes due to being tired or rushing through it because they have so many other things to do. Mistakes can be costly. There are so many things that small business owners need to think about, from running the business, to marketing, advertising, bookkeeping and more, while trying to fit everything in around their private life. Some people are just not good at paperwork or using computers full stop, and find that it all gets too time consuming and hard. Outsourcing some of those tasks will free up time for yourself, and provide peace of mind. Bookkeepers can save you time and money – and a professional bookkeeper will be armed with educational qualifications and proven practical experience, will know all the tips and tricks to make your bookkeeping easier, and will also have the right tools for the job.

Professional bookkeepers and accountants also love to network. You will benefit from this – they may know someone who needs your services, and if you need anything, they may be able to refer you to someone. If you have a boat, I can recommend an experienced mooring service provider! If you need a facial, wax or massage, I know a great beautician!

Free up your time and call a professional bookkeeper today!

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