SERVICE PROVIDED                                                                                                                      RATE (EXCL GST)


All services are generally charged at $60 - $ 65 per hour with the following exceptions:

  • Rescue Work (backlog of data prior to current quarter)                                                                     $70 Per Hour

  • Rush Fee (for "emergency" jobs)                                                                                                             $70 Per Hour

  • Software Training/Reckon Professional Partner Support                                                                   $100 Per Hour 

  • Statement Of Review - Not For Profit. The fee covers review of your accounts & reports &        $140 Per review

       preparation of a statement of review. If you ask us to prepare financial reports for you in

       addition to the review, an hourly bookkeeping fee will be charged.



All forms we lodge on your behalf are charged $50 per lodgement                                              $50 Per Lodgement

Includes: Activity Statement (BAS/IAS), PAYG Payment Summary Annual Report, 

Tax File Number Declaration, Taxable Payments Annual Report, Payroll Tax Forms



  • Assist: Review your books and assist with BAS                                                                                    $80 Per Month

  • Essentials: Basic bookkeeping + BAS lodgement                                                                                From $260 Per Month

  • Balanced: Bookkeeping + BAS + Accounts Receivable/Payable                                                        From $440 Per Month

  • Ultimate: Bookkeeping + BAS + Payroll                                                                                                From $550 Per Month

  • Peace Of Mind: Bookkeeping + BAS + Accounts Receivable/Payable + Payroll                             From $660 Per Month



  • EOY Tax Pack: End of financial year pack containing reconciliations, comprehensive

       workpapers and reports for your accountant/tax agent. Does not include bookkeeping.           $270 Sole Trader $360 COY

  • EOY Single Touch Payroll: End of year payroll reconciliations, report end of year wages

       and lodge Single Touch Payroll Finalisation.                                                                                         $290

  • Software Set Up: Set up new Reckon Desktop software, or cloud solution from Reckon,

       Xero or MYOB. Does not include file conversion from another software.                                       $230



  • As a Registered Etax Local Member, I am a service coordinator for taxation services

       provided by Etax local. Jobs are invoiced by Etax Local.                                                                     From $110 Per ITR



  • Review and lodge annual company statement                                                                                    $280

  • Other jobs – price on application                                                                                                           POA

  • Terms are strictly 7 days

  • Packages are billed a month in advance

  • Hourly rate services are billed monthly and are billed in 15 minute increments

  • Packages can be customised to suit your needs and are reviewed every two months to ensure you are on the correct package and not being overcharged

  • It is worth mentioning that it is important to refer to your engagement letter which is initiated when we set up your service. The engagement letter is tailored for your business needs and outlines the specific terms and conditions that we arrange with you, and must be signed before we commence your service. All accounting and bookkeeping firms are required to use engagement letters. Please don't be scared or put off - we will explain everything to you in plain english and will ensure that your are happy with our agreement before commencing work. A SAMPLE of a typical engagement letter can be read here: 

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