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  • All packages are to be in consultation with Channel Bookkeeping to determine which best suits your needs

  • All packages are customisable

  • Your packaged service will be reviewed every two months to ensure that you are on the correct one and that you are getting value for money. (You only pay for what you need or use)

  • Phone and email support is provided during business hours only

  • Package fees do not include software subsriptions. We will help you choose a software that suits you and your budget, and any subscription taken out will be in your name and your are reponsible for paying the fees.

  • If required, your bookkeeping can be processed on our desktop software and kept inhouse.

  • Channel Bookkeeping is registered for GST and prices are displayed as base price + GST.

  • Packages are billed monthly in advance. Add on services not included as part of the package are charged at our normal prices.

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