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Channel Bookkeeping offers complete outsourced accounts solutions. We can help you with your Accounts Receivable (people who owe you money) and Accounts Payable (people you owe money too). The service will be tailored to suit your business needs.


Our Accounts Receivable (AR) service includes:

  • Invoicing and receipting

  • Debtor management

  • Statements

  • Debtor reconciliation

  • AR Reporting


Our Accounts Payable (AP) service includes:

  • Supplier bill processing

  • Supplier statement reconciliation

  • Payment scheduling and processing

  • Creditor management

  • AP Reporting


Your business relationships take effort to build. Some business owners feel uncomfortable about ringing a debtor to chase money owed, especially when they are trying to keep on good terms with the client to create more sales opportunities for the future. Using an outsourced accounts department service will give your business a professional edge and take away that uncomfortable feeling. 


Don’t waste the hard work you put into building your relationships with your customers and suppliers through a lack of follow through. We’ll take care of it for you, or at least steer you in the right direction.


Contact us for a free initial 1 hour consultation!


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